WATCH: CNN gives a definitive rundown of Roy Moore's most batsh*t crazy statements
Roy Moore (Screen cap).

Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was controversial long before he was ever accused of molesting teenage girls.

On CNN Monday, host Chris Cuomo delivered a definitive rundown of Moore's history of making crazy and unhinged statements, including his belief that teaching evolution in schools leads to drive-by shootings and that he thinks America would be better off if we got rid of constitutional amendments that abolished slavery and gave women the right to vote.

Cuomo also pointed out that Moore has shown that he does not believe in respecting laws in the United States if he deems them to be in conflict with God's divine law, and that the United States is the "focus of evil" in the world today because of its acceptance of same-sex marriage.

As if that weren't enough, Cuomo pointed out that Moore has said that the Koran is equivalent to Hitler's Mein Kampf, that accepting homosexuality is the same as accepting people having sex with animals, and that the only things Muslims have contributed to the United States are terrorist attacks.

"He has plenty to answer for," said Cuomo. "And voters have plenty to swallow."

Watch the video below.