WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo masterfully breaks down how the GOP tax bill will enrich Trump
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Screen cap).

CNN's Chris Cuomo on Friday concisely laid out all the ways that the tax reform plan being pushed by Republicans in Congress will enrich President Donald Trump and his family.

Despite the fact that Trump has claimed his tax plan would cost him "a fortune," Cuomo laid out multiple provisions that would lower the president's overall tax burden as a high-income real estate mogul.

 Cuomo started by noting that Trump stands to greatly benefit from the bill's plan to repeal the alternative minimum tax (AMT).

"It's designed to kick in whenever somebody is paying too little in taxes under the regular tax code," Cuomo explained of the AMT. "The only tax return we have from the president is 2005 and that year he got hit with $31 million in AMT because he claimed a huge operating loss and carried it forward over year to year."

Cuomo then explained that Trump also stands to benefit from the plan to cut tax rates on pass-through entities, which Cuomo explained accounted for "much of Trump's pay." He also said that Trump's family will greatly benefit from the weakening -- and eventual phase out -- of the estate tax that's in the current GOP bill.

Finally, Cuomo noted that Trump may be enriching himself in his tax bill in ways we can't possibly fathom simply because he still hasn't released his tax returns.

"We can't be sure how the president is going to be affected," he said.

Watch the video below.