Jesus Christ was a refugee when he was forced into Egypt, according to Matthew the apostle's recount in The Bible. However, the recollection caused Fox News host Tucker Carlson to laugh out loud at what he alleged was "stupid."

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, a Roman Catholic, appeared on Tucker Carlson's show to address the importance of defending DACA youth and DREAMers.

"Jesus was himself a refugee child," O'Malley recalled, comparing it to the plight of the DREAMers. "What would you do if he came to your border?"

Carlson laughed. "That's so stupid. That's hard to respond," he replied.

As recounts, Jesus was brought into Egypt from Israel avoiding King Herod, who ordered the slaughter of male Hebrew infants.

"Moses, the boy who escaped infanticide, would eventually lead Israel in a triumphant liberation march from Egypt," US Catholic said. "By referencing Israel’s signature saving story in eight neat sentences, Matthew announces a new Exodus: Jesus will be an even greater liberator of his people."

According to Christian faith tradition, that is exactly what he did. It's been reported that Carlson is a Christian, though it's unknown which branch or if he's been baptized.

O'Malley wished Carlson a Merry Christmas at the start and close of the interview, despite the so-called "War on Christmas."

You can read more about Jesus Christ's life as a refugee at The Jesus Blog.

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