WATCH: Elderly Miami couple goes viral after getting dirty on the dance floor with twerks and booty shake
Elderly Miami couple dirty dancing (Photos: Screen capture)

One elderly couple was captured on video getting way down on a Miami Casino dance floor over the weekend.

According to the Miami Herald, the couple took "dance like no one is watching" to heart. At the Magic City Casino, the couple showed the other couples dancing how it was meant to be done.

Los Pichy Boys posted the video showing the abuelitos were seen inside a lobby, and at one point the man drops to the ground as the woman twerks to a Reggaeton song.

“Me as an old man with my girl,” the comedy duo Los Pichy Boys posted with the video.

Magic City Casino love it as well, sharing it with their own message: “TGIF, amirite?! #abuelasgotgame #miami #livemusic.”

“We need to step up our game,” one Facebook user replied to the video. Another: “Omg honey, I hope this is us at their age. Sooo cute and totally fun. A old couple still enjoying life.”

Watch below: