White House ‘totally in a bubble’ and thinks Trump will be ‘exonerated very soon’: report
Donald Trump on Instagram (Screenshot)

Republicans close to Donald Trump's administration gave anonymous quotes to CNN that gave a public voice to worries that White House disarray is increasing after Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

One source close to the White House described President Trump as being "totally in a bubble" about the Russia investigations.

"They think he's going to be exonerated very soon," the source added.

Flynn was the second former Trump campaign official to "flip" and turn state's evidence.

"Every single one of us has come to expect this, including the President," a source close to Trump told CNN.

The source worried the guilty pleas could, "damage Trump's ability to get things done."

"I think that Russia investigation is wearing on all of us, the President most of all," said a source close to Trump. "But I think he is more concerned about the state of his accomplishments and this presidency."