Women attack Florida man after girlfriend finds video of him molesting friend’s 9-year-old daughter
George Avery mugshot (Lake City Police Department)

Police in Lake City, FL were called to break up a disturbance at a McDonald's restaurant on Tuesday that at first appeared to be two women fighting a man about a computer tablet.

However, according to The Root, upon interviewing the individuals involved in the fight, it was determined that one of the women had found video of the man -- 54-year-old George Avery -- molesting the other woman's 9-year-old daughter.

"One of the women, who said she was Avery’s girlfriend, told the cops that she was playing a game on the tablet when she discovered a video of Avery involved in a sexual act with another person. She called her friend over to see if they could figure out who Avery was cheating with," wrote Michael Harriot.

The two women watched the video more closely once they were together, only to discover that Avery had recorded himself sexually molesting the second woman's daughter.

"I'm the one that found it and I didn't look at it good. I thought it was some other woman," said Avery's girlfriend -- who asked to remain anonymous -- to Jacksonville's News 5 TV.

Enraged, the two women went to the McDonald's where Avery worked to confront him. The discussion turned heated, then violent, at which point bystanders called the police.

"Police, along with the Department of Children and Families, concluded that it was indeed Avery in the video and that he had initiated sexual contact with the child in question three or four times. A further investigation determined that the video was filmed over the most recent Thanksgiving holiday weekend and that Avery even smiled at the camera during the act," wrote Harriot.

Avery was charged with sexual battery of a child, child abuse and possession of child pornography and is being held on $1 million bail.

"I'm shocked because I don't know what to do and I don't know what to say," said Avery's girlfriend, who added that he will never be welcome in her home again.

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