Ana Navarro mocks Trump State of the Union ticket typo: 'Could be the State of the Covfefe'
Ana Navarro (Photo: Twitter)

President Donald Trump's first State of the Union had a glitch: it's the State of the Uniom. Monday it was reported there is a typo on the tickets being given to guests of elected officials in the gallery.

But, CNN contributor and Republican strategist Ana Navarro remarked the typo could just as easily be the "State of the Covfefe" considering it's Trump's first official bicameral address.

The White House has become known for its amusing typos. In a May 2017, the White House released a statement saying one of the president's goals during his trip to Israel was to "promote the possibility of lasting peach" in the region.

To make matters worse, the a few lines before that, the White House misspelled the "Sepulchre" in Church of the Holy Sepulchre, inserted a random apostrophe in the word "Israelis," and left a "d" off the word "coupled."

When former Gov. Jon Huntsman was appointed ambassador to Russia, they misspelled his name.

In December 2016, Trump tweeted "Unpresidented" instead of unprecedented.

Trump's unpresidented tweet

Watch the short clip from The View below: