Anderson Cooper just made fun of Ron Johnson for dodging reporters: 'He was late for his first secret society meeting'
Anderson Cooper (CNN / Screengrab)

During Thursday's "AC360," host Anderson Cooper couldn't help but poke fun at Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) for his major flub over a claim that the FBI had a "secret society."

The news sent the right-wing conspiracy theorists spinning as some kind of verification that the so-called "deep state" existed as an internal shadow government to undermine President Donald Trump.

The reality, it turns out is that the text was nothing more than a joke and an obvious one at that. FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were joking about a Vladimir Putin "beefcake" calendar and the first meeting of a fake secret society. For those who read the entire context of the text it became obvious that it was a joke. Johnson, however, spent Wednesday claiming it was proof of some kind of sedition and refused to release the full context of the text.

Today, Johnson became the fool. As reporters rushed to get a comment about the error from the senator, Johnson fled.

"As you saw, he was really eager to get into that elevator," Cooper noted of the tape of Manu Raju chasing Johnson. "It's almost like he was late for his first secret society meeting."

Watch the full commentary below: