Anthony Scaramucci claims Trump is 'perhaps the least racist' -- blasts America's 'puritanical society' instead
Donald Trump and Anthony Scaramucci (Twitter)

Anthony Scaramucci, the former Goldman Sachs' investment banker and hedge fund manager who spent a tumultuous ten days in July as President Donald Trump's press secretary, has rushed to defend his former boss from allegations of racism following the infamous 'sh*thole' comments by the commander in chief.

The White House did not deny the comments on Thursday, but on Friday Trump claimed he did not use the slur. Senator Dick Durbin (R-IL), who was in the room, has confirmed the use of 'sh*thole' and said the comments were "hate-filled, vile and racist."

President Trump "is not a racist. He is far from it," Scaramucci claimed.

"Perhaps the least racist," Scaramucci suggested.

The short-time political operative then attempted to spin criticism of Trump's comments as being about the profanity, instead of over racism.

"Apparently he and I are the only two people that use a few curse words here and there. Certainly journalists don’t talk that way. Who knew lived in such a puritanical society!" Scaramuchi wondered.