Jared Kushner has been cultivated as an asset by the Chinese government thanks to his total lack of political experience and outsized reach within the federal government, said CNN on Saturday.

Anchor Ana Cabrera welcomed Adam Entous, one of the authors of a bombshell New Yorker article that said Kushner has violated protocols by meeting with China's ambassador alone and that President Donald Trump's son-in-law still does not have a permanent security clearance.

Entous explained that the relationship between China's ambassador and Kushner was brokered by former Sec. of State Henry Kissinger, who introduced the two men during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The FBI met with Kushner during the transition to warn him about potential security risks, but Entous said Kushner's family is heavily invested in Chinese holdings, which gives the Chinese government a possible lever of influence.

CNN security analyst Samantha Vinograd said that Kushner's lack of experience and unprecedented access to U.S. state secrets make him an "ideal foreign intelligence target."

"The Russians and the Chinese are the top of the list from a counterintelligence perspective," said Vinograd. "Jared Kushner has the access, the influence and the inexperience that foreign intelligence services often try to manipulate."

Those agencies find people who can get them information they want and affect policy decisions. Furthermore, she said, they try to find someone with "some kind of secret that can be manipulated" like a drug addiction or "undisclosed foreign contacts or undisclosed or misreported financial transactions."

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