Civil rights icon John Lewis says white man taunted him by yelling "Trump!" on a plane
Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) (Screenshot/Twitter)

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), a hero of the civil rights movement, says that white people have now started taunting him by yelling President Donald Trump's name whenever they see him.

Via BuzzFeed, Lewis appeared on a podcast with Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) on Monday to talk generally about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy.

During the discussion, Lewis revealed that he had been on the receiving end of taunts by a white man who spotted him on a flight from Atlanta back to Washington DC.

"I was on a flight from Atlanta, and I'm walking down the aisle and the gentleman said as loud as he could, 'Trump!'" said Lewis. "So I didn't — I just kept walking. I didn't say anything."

Lewis, who was one of the original "Freedom Riders" and who was regularly on the receiving end of brutality by police during civil rights protests, then told Booker that he doesn't let mere verbal insults bring him down.

"And sometimes I'm walking in the airport in different places, I guess [they think] they're getting to me or harassing me," he explained. "But they don't understand... I've been called many, many things. But I'm not going to let anything get me down. I'm going to keep walking, keep moving."