Cleveland ambulance refused to help man shot 16 times because he was a quarter mile outside the city
Ambulance at night (Shutterstock)

Cleveland Emergency Medical Services is coming under scrutiny after it refused to send an ambulance to transport a man who had been shot 16 times because he was a quarter mile outside the city.

CNN reports that 22-year-old Cleveland resident Ronald Newberry was shot 16 times while pulling out of his driveway on January 14. Newberry managed to drive a quarter of a mile down the road to flee his attacker, which landed him in the suburb of Euclid.

Cleveland police found Newberry in his car and administered CPR. They then called Euclid EMS to arrange for an ambulance to take Newberry to a hospital -- but at the time, all Euclid ambulances were busy responding to a fire that was on the other side of town.

The police then called on Cleveland EMS to help transport Newberry, but no ambulance ever came because he was technically located outside city limits.

In a newly released police camera footage, officers can be heard saying that their own city's ambulance is refusing to help them out.

"Our EMS won't come," one officer said. "They won't come because it's in your city. Even though it's our victim, they won't come."

The man was eventually placed in the back of a police cruiser and taken to a nearby hospital. He received medial treatment and was released from the hospital a week later.

The city of Cleveland is now conducting an internal review of the incident, a spokesperson tells CNN.