CNN's Erin Burnett shuts down conservative Paris Dennard when he claims 'sh*thole' remark isn't authentic
Erin Burnett, Joan Walsh and Paris Dennard (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative commentator Paris Dennard tried to claim that President Donald Trump never probably said that he didn't want people from "sh*thole countries." However, CNN host Erin Burnett wasn't taking it.

"I think it's hard to defend something that is unsubstantiated and based off of --" Dennard said before Burnett cut him off.

"OK, OK, OK, I gotta jump in right here because that defense isn't going to work tonight, Paris. They aren't denying it," Burnett said. "And they denied everything else. They denied everything in the Michael Wolff book. They denied when he said Nigerians lived in huts and all Haitians had AIDS. They denied those things. They're not denying this. There were a lot of people in the room, you can't hide behind that."

"So, thank you for your extended commentary, Erin but if you allow me to speak," Dennard said like a "mean girl" in a condescending tone. "Just like in the Michael Wolff book, you're having people not coming out saying who they are."

He claimed that because the sources weren't on the record that therefore the statement from Trump was not real. Burnett repeated that when the president doesn't actually say something the White House comes out and denies it, and the White House has not done so here.

In a bizarre battle between "The Nation's" Joan Walsh and "National Review" editor Rich Lowry, the conservative guest broke out into a very personal attack on Walsh asking where she would rather live.

He went on to make the argument that immigration should be merit-based but Burnett argued that many people moved to the United States when they were from a destabilized nation and now are an immense help to the American economy.

The panel discussion later got even worse when Dennard complained that he didn't get enough time to speak. Burnett mocked the complaint saying that it was ironic he used his time to complain he didn't get enough time to speak.

Watch the insanity below:

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