'Don Jr. thought he was the family dipsh*t': Bill Maher ridicules Trump's stupid move thinking he could fire Mueller
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture)

Bill Maher began Friday's "Real Time" by talking about President Donald Trump desire to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

"He only backed off after Don McGahn said, 'You know this isn't a TV show, right?'" Maher said. He went on to say that Trump thought he could fire Mueller because the special counsel quit Trump's club and didn't pay his bills.

"First Stormy Daniels and now Mueller? Has there been anyone who Trump hasn't tried to f*ck on the golf course?" Maher joked.

Maher noted that even Donald Trump Jr. was asking "I thought I was supposed to be the family dipsh*t."

When it came to Devin Nunes, Maher wondered if he "represented the district of Trump's colon."

He went on to mock Trump's border wall, saying that "the wall is really more valuable to him as an idea than a reality. Like his marriage."

Melania Trump was supposed to be with Trump in Davos, but she had other obligations. Maher said "that's political speak for, 'Why don't you take your porn star girlfriend.'" Instead, Mrs. Trump stayed home and went to the Holocaust Museum

"She went to the Holocaust Museum to cheer up," Maher said.

But where the opening monologue really knocked it out of the park was the evangelical community's hypocrisy on Trump's alleged affair. Watch Maher's comments about it below: