Ex-RNC chair Michael Steele isn't ruling out helping Oprah run for president in 2020: 'Call me!'
Ex-RNC chair Michael Steele (left, via screengrab) and Oprah Winfrey (right, via Shutterstock).

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele has two words for Oprah Winfrey regarding her much-talked-about potential presidential run in 2020: "Call me."

In a Capitol Hill interview with TMZ, the Republican operative offered his advice to Winfrey for when and if she decides to run.

"Get smart about the job, it's not what you think it is," he said, adding that the Trump administration has had "difficulties" because they didn't do their "homework."

The interviewer noted that Steele is "not a fan of the president," and asked if he'd ever work for Winfrey's theoretical campaign. After a moment of laughter, he mimed a phone to his ear and said "call me."

Watch below, via TMZ.