'You fat motherf**ker!': Woman goes on racist expletive-filled tirade against Asian postal worker
A woman shouts racist abuse at an Asian postal worker. Image via screengrab.

A now-viral video shows an angry post office customer screaming expletives and racial slurs at a postal worker.

As the Daily Mail reported, Samrat Hanif, the man who filmed the racist exchange in a London post office last week, said he wanted to speak up for the employee, but was afraid the woman might turn on him.

The video begins with the white woman claiming the employee was laughing at her, and she then begins berating him for his looks and race.

"What woman would want to look at that?" the woman shouts.

"Make sure you post my card, or else I'll come back and get a refund, you fat P*ki c*nt," she screamed, using the shortened term for "Pakistani," a commonly-used British slur against people of Pakistani or Indian nationality.

She begins to leave before turning around in front of the door and yelling "go back to your own country!"

"You're not wanted here, you fat motherf**ker P*ki," the woman said as she finally walked out the door.

A representative for the post office said they are investigating the incident and are "offering our full support to the team at the branch involved." Police told the Daily Mail that no report had been filed.

Watch below: