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Former RNC chief: Trump picked at the scab of racism until it became a wound again



Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele on Monday slammed President Donald Trump for making race relations worse in the United States.

“On race, as I’ve looked at it… particularly the Charlottesville period… what I saw the president do effectively and what he did throughout the campaign was pick at the scab of race,” Steele said during a discussion on MSNBC. “Picked at it, picked at it, picked at it until it became a wound again.”


“The healing process that had begun in the 50s and 60s with the marches, the great speeches by [Martin Luther] King, certainly the assassination of leaders, all of that came flashing back for a lot of people.”

In Charlottesville, “you saw young men in their early 20s in their nicely tailored suits — not hoods, not with torches, but with tiki torches — out saying and protesting and claiming the same thing around the issue of race that our parents and our grandparents had to deal with,” he continued.

Steele said that normally Americans would turn to the president for leadership, but in this case “he was the man who was picking at the scab.”

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‘Downward spiral’: Trump ripped by prominent conservative for turning America into ‘a pitiful, helpless giant’



Writing in the Washington Post this Wednesday, columnist George Will contends that President Trump's "rhetorical mustard" is starting to lose its flavor. "The entertainer has become a bore, and foretelling his defeat no longer involves peering into a distant future," Will writes.

"Never has a U.S. election come at such a moment of national mortification. In April 1970, President Richard M. Nixon told a national television audience that futility in Vietnam would make the United States appear to the world as 'a pitiful, helpless giant.' Half a century later, America, for the first time in its history, is pitied."

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Trump fights Supreme Court order on taxes — will try to block Manhattan district attorney’s access to documents



Attorneys for President Donald Trump have decided to fight the Manhattan District Attorney's subpoena for his tax returns and financial data in an attempt to "block or at least narrow access to the records," The New York Times reports.

The move comes despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling less than a week ago in favor of DA Cyrus Vance and against the president.

Buzzfeed's Zoe Tillman adds, "Trump says he will file an amended complaint raising new legal arguments to challenge the NY grand jury subpoena for his tax returns, in light of the latest SCOTUS decision."

This is a breaking news and developing story. Details may change.

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‘That’s Peter Navarro’: Trump excuses trade adviser’s op-ed smearing Dr. Fauci as ‘wrong about everything’



President Donald Trump on Wednesday waived off concerns about an op-ed by White House trade adviser Peter Navarro which took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the United States.

In a Tuesday USA Today op-ed, Navarro accused Fauci of being "wrong about everything."

The White House later suggested that Navarro had gone rogue by publishing an unapproved column.

But on Wednesday, Trump declined to admonish his trade adviser.

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