Fox & Friends demonizes liberal students who seek counseling: ‘If you can’t handle it, then it’s kind of sad’
Todd Piro speaks to Fox News hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt (screen grab)

Fox & Friends on Thursday mocked liberal students who seek counseling.

During a segment titled "Trouble With Schools," Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy reported that counseling had been made available to students at the University of Connecticut after controversial conservative writer Ben Shapiro gave a speech at the school.

"Please," co-host Ainsley Earhardt gasped at the notion of counseling.

"What do you think of the university offering counseling to those who may not be able to handle Mr. Shapiro's speech?" reporter Todd Piro asked one conservative student wearing a Republican Party hat.

"I think if they can't handle it, it's kind of sad," the student opined. "Most people here could handle a leftist speaker."

A spokesperson from the university told Piro that all students were entitled to counseling services for any reason.

"Anyone who feels they need mental health services from the university is entitled to those services regardless of the reason," the spokesperson said.

"You heard the comments about counseling," reporter Todd Piro said to the hosts of Fox & Friends. "He said we need counseling for everything."

"There are people who really do need counseling," Piro continued. "Counseling is a serious matter. There are people with very serious issues who need the best counseling available, but not for this."

Co-host Brian Kilmeade added: "But in the world of counseling, Ben Shapiro is not a carrier. Right? He is not the reason. If you show up for counseling for Ben Shaprio, I think that you're way overdue."

Several Twitter users pushed back on the idea that counseling should only be available to people who "really do need" it.

Watch the video below from Fox News.