Fox hypes bogus FBI 'secret society' dozens of times -- then goes silent after it's revealed as a joke
GOP congressmen speak to Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News on Thursday ceased discussion about an alleged anti-Trump "secret society" in the FBI after the notion was revealed as a joke.

According to TV Eyes, Fox News made 90 mentions of the so-called "secret society" in January. The network and GOP guests alleged that text message showed that FBI agents were out to get President Donald Trump.

However, text messages obtained by ABC News on Wednesday suggested that FBI agents were joking when they used the term "secret society."

But that report was never mentioned by Fox News and there is no record of a clarification from the conservative network.

Media Matters' Lis Power counted 20 mentions of "secret society" just on the Tuesday and Wednesday editions Fox & Friends, widely considered to be Trump's favorite morning show.

Watch the video below from Fox News.