Fox News reporter quietly leaves network amid sexual harassment allegations
Former Fox News host James Rosen (Photo: Screen capture)

Over the holidays, Fox News reporter Jamees Rosen quietly left the network amid allegations that he made sexual advances toward three female colleagues, including two reporters and a producer.

According to NPR, Rosen had been at the network for 18 years and no statement was made or excuse given for his television absence. He simply disappeared -- just two days after attending a holiday party for Bret Baier's show colleagues.

Ironically, the news came as the network's owner Rupert Murdoch was proclaiming that their sexual harassment problem had been rectified.

"There was a problem with our chief executive, sort of, over the years, isolated incidents," Murdoch said during an interview with Sky News. He noted Ailes was gone after mere days when complaints surfaced. As a fact check, it was nearly two weeks after the lawsuit from Gretchen Carlson was filed. Five years prior, a $3 million lawsuit was settled after a complaint against Ailes from a network booker.

"There's been nothing else since then. That was largely political because we're conservative," Murdoch claimed.

The network has since been forced to clean up his comments as many former journalists have come forward about their problems with the network.

Bill O’Reilly was forced out after multiple lawsuit settlements became public and allegations against him swirled. Eric Bolling was also suspended when text messages of his surfaced.

Rosen had sent messages, according to female colleagues, however he also was involved in at least "three cases of overt physical and sexual overtures," NPR reported.

One incident occured just after the September 11th attacks in 2001, when Rosen was accused of groping a Fox News reporter who had just joined the Washington, D.C. bureau from New York. While in a taxi, Rosen allegedly grabbed her breast and when she rebuffed his advances, he tried to steal her sources and stories, four different colleagues confirmed.

Years later, a producer covering the State Department alleged that Rosen sexual harassed her. As a foreign national, she accepted a "deal" from Fox News that let her stay in the United States in exchange for not going public.

In the Spring of 2017, a younger colleague told her fellow colleagues that the two returned from lunch and Rosen allegedly tried to kiss her in the elevator. When she refused he tried to forcibly kiss her again. He then asked her not to tell anyone and offered her help in getting more time on Bret Baier's show.

The bureau office is now under new Human Resources management, though many female employees told NPR that it was too little too late. Multiple women have come forward with complaints. Rudi Bakhtiar alleged that she was fired in 2007 because she made complaints that Brian Wilson had propositioned her. She filed an internal complaint and Ailes told her she would be let go due to her performance. She was paid an undisclosed settlement.

Weekend host Catherine Herridge also made allegations in November 2010 and filed a federal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She said that she was subjected to a "glass ceiling," unequal pay, sexual and age discrimination and retaliation when she raised complaints. However, the EEOC said there wasn't enough evidence to verify her claims.

Fox News general counsel Dianne Brandi did the internal reviews in that case and claimed the suit was "politically motivated." However, Brandi is on extended leave after she became part of an ongoing criminal inquiry by federal prosecutors for handling payments to women alleging sexual harassment.