Fox's Shep Smith and John Bussey: It's hard for Trump to deny allegations in book after he's told 'hundreds' of lies
Shep Smith

Fox News’ Shep Smith and the Wall Street Journal's John Bussey on Thursday knocked Donald Trump’s White House for trying to downplay the explosive forthcoming book “Fire and Fury,” arguing an administration that’s told “hundreds” of lies will have a hard time convincing people it’s now telling the truth.

Smith read a passage from Michael Wolff’s new book that described Trump as unprepared for—and largely uninterested in—actually assuming the presidency.

“Trump did not enjoy his own inauguration,” Smith said, quoting Wolff’s description of an “angry” president bitter “that A-level stars snubbed the event.”

“So the administration is saying, ‘Just don’t believe this book, that there are a lot of untruths in it,” Bussey told Smith. “It’s going to be tough for an administration that has had trouble presenting the truth itself and has been caught in any number of falsehoods—“

“Hundreds,” Smith cut in.

“—Lecturing somebody else about truth-telling,” Bussey concluded.

Watch below, via CNN: