GOP strategist mocks Ivanka's political ambitions: She's more likely to be visiting Jared in jail than being POTUS
GOP strategist Rick Wilson talks with Brooke Baldwin and Rick Santorum on CNN (Screen cap).

Republican strategist Rick Wilson brutally mocked former White House political strategist Steve Bannon on Wednesday shortly after Bannon was angrily denounced by President Donald Trump.

During a CNN panel on Wednesday, Wilson said that losing Trump's favor meant that Bannon's ability to influence American political discourse was about to be weakened dramatically.

"The only way his nationalist populist movement was going to take off if he had Donald Trump as the avatar and the leader of that movement," Wilson said. "And now Steve Bannon is going to be reduced to preaching to alt-right Pepe the Frog meme boys at a booth in Denny's."

Elsewhere in the segment, Wilson mocked Ivanka Trump's reported political ambitions -- and was particularly dismissive of the idea that she would become the first woman president.

"I think that Ivanka Trump is much more likely to be driving a Volvo out to Danbury to be visiting her husband in the correctional facility than she is to become president of the United States at this point," he said.

"Ouch!" said a visibly shocked Brooke Baldwin as fellow panelist Rick Santorum shook his head in disgust.

Watch the video below.