GOP strategist Rick Wilson: Ron Johnson's 'secret society' accusation is evidence of 'day drinking and watching Eyes Wide Shut too much'
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: RealTime/Twitter)

During Bill Maher's "Real Time" discussion about President Donald Trump's desire to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller GOP panelist Rick Wilson wondered if Sen. Ron Johnson was having problems with delusions.

Earlier this week the Wisconsin senator complained about a conspiracy in the FBI and attributed a text he saw from one agent referencing a "secret society." Johnson refused to release the full text. However, when it was released, it became obvious to everyone else who read it that the text was nothing more than a joke.

Wilson wondered if the GOP was suffering from a "lurid set of fantasies they've drilled in their heads."

"It's like Ron Johnson is a combination of day drinking and watching 'Eyes Wide Shut' all day long," Wilson joked.

The reality, according to Wilson, is that the GOP actually wants the deep state, but only "when it's finding brown people to deport just not protecting us against Russia."

Maher noted that the GOP has turned into "the party of Alex Jones" and has turned into the "guy in the sandwich board on the corner."

Watch the full conversation below: