'He's clearly fat, stupid and mentally unstable': Internet hammers White House doctor for giving Trump a clean bill of health
White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson (left) and President Donald Trump (right). Images via screengrab.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump's doctor gave him a clean bill of health — and Twitter called him on his bluff.

Notably, White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson claimed he had "absolutely no concerns" about the president's "cognitive abilities" — a claim refuted by a group of over 70 mental health professionals who say Trump shows obvious signs of mental decline.

"Per the report from the President’s physician, he is sharp as a tack and has his full cognitive abilities," national security lawyer Bradley P. Moss tweeted. "So he was fully competent and aware of his surroundings last Thursday when he made racist remarks. Got it. Good to know."

It wasn't just the White House physician's remarks on Trump's mental health, however, that Twitter found fishy.

"President Trump’s doctor says that he is 75 inches tall and weighs 239 pounds. Just one more pound and, at that height and weight, he would be considered obese, according to the CDC," Boston Globe writer Matt Viser noted.

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