‘He’s lost it’: Michael Wolff drops bombshell on Trump’s mental decline
Author Michael Wolff (Screen cap).

Author Michael Wolff explicitly said on Friday that President Donald Trump is declining mentally.

During his interview on NBC's Today, Wolff was asked about two key anecdotes in his new book, "Fire and Fury: Insider the Trump White House." First, Wolff had written that Trump is repeating himself with repeating frequency, so that he'll now tell the exact same story once every ten minutes instead of every 30 minutes. Second Wolff claimed that Trump didn't recognize several of his old friends during a recent trip to Mar-a-Lago.

"I will quote Steve Bannon: 'He's lost it,'" Wolff said of Trump's mental health.

Wolff went on to explain that, as he reported out his book, he saw the way that even Trump loyalists soon came to doubt Trump's mental and temperamental fitness for the job as the first year went on.

"The transformation was, 'We thought this presidency could work, Donald Trump is an interesting and unique character, and we might be able to do something here,'" Wolff said. "And they saw him over that time and came to the conclusion he cannot do this job."

Watch the video below.