'He's not President Perfect': Watch Evangelist Franklin Graham blow off Trump affair with adult star Stormy Daniels
Rev. William Franklin Graham III, the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

William Franklin Graham III, the son of evangelical televangelist Billy Graham, denied any hypocrisy from Christians supporting President Donald Trump.

Graham, the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, was questioned by MSNBC "Live" anchor Alex Witt on Saturday.

Witt asked Graham how he could support President Trump after his sh*thole comments.

"He said he didn't say it," Graham said. "I don't think any of those senators, if he did use that language, have heard that word for the first time. I'm sure that's a word they've used before, I think there's a little hypocrisy here."

"He said he didn't say it, so I have to go along with the president in that he didn't say it," Graham claimed.

"We have a businessman who is a president, not a politician, but a businessman," Graham said. "We should all be grateful that he's brought his knowledge to Washington and he's helping to turn this economy around."

"Reverend, you just told me that this country has a sin problem and I know you've no doubt heard that the president is accused of having his lawyer pay $130,000 to a former porn star allegedly for her silence about his sexual encounter while he's married," Witt said. "The previous allegations as well, that access "Access Hollywood" tape, does that challenge your faith in the president?"

"Does the president have a sin problem?" Witt asked.

"I can promise you he is not President Perfect," Graham replied.

"But, sir, can you understand how there are those that are crying hypocrisy? When for example, the New York Daily News editorial on Thursday accuses some Christian leaders, like Gary Bauer who supports the president for being hypocrites, for saying absolutely nothing about the Stormy Daniels matter," Witt said. "When people cry there's hypocrites there within the evangelical community, can you understand that criticism?"

"Well first of all, President Trump I don't think has admitted to having an affair with this person and so, this is just a news story, I don't know if it's accurate," Graham deflected.

Graham then said that even if the report was true, it did not matter, because of Trump's personal growth during the last decade.

"Now did he have an affair with this woman? I have no clue, but I believe that 70 years of age, the president is a much different person today than he was four years ago, five years ago, ten years ago or whatever and we just have to give the man the benefit of the doubt," Graham continued.

"He said he didn't do it, so okay, let's say he didn't do it," Graham suggested.

"I don't think it's hypocritical because he's a flawed man, for me to try to support him and help him and pray for him," Graham said. "I'm a flawed person. and I would hate for people to see all the baggage I have in my life, but the fact is that God has forgiven me and I've asked for his forgiveness, and I think the president has, too."