'Incredibly simple and easy to manipulate': Rick Wilson torches 'Trump’s vast, empty black hole of need-to-be-praised'
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

With growing evidence of a continuing pattern of Obstruction of Justice by the Donald Trump White House, one Republican strategist is pointing the finger at Fox News for pushing conspiracy theories.

"I think it's significant to look at the trajectory...the Republican Party is more unified behind Donald Trump as time has gone on than it ever has been," MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes noted. "My theory is that it shows how much the party has fall in line behind him."

"Absolutely," Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin agreed.

"They have allowed themselves to be led around by the nose by the likes of not only Donald Trump but Devin Nunes," Rubin said with a look of distaste.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson doesn't think that Republican leaders are sincere in their public statements about Trump.

"There's such a deep cynicism among them, if you speak to them privately, they've learned this trick of playing Donald Trump's ego," Wilson explained.

"They've learned this trick of stroking Donald Trump's vast, empty black hole of need-to-be-praised and patted on his fuzzy little head ... and they recognize that they can get Trump to do virtually anything they want," Wilson noted. "He's incredibly simple and easy to manipulate."

"They're desperate to feed the monster of the Fox audience right now, that is so hyped up and motivated about this conspiracy theory and desperate to make sure that they do everything they can to protect Donald Trump even at the cost of compromising national security and sending a terrifying signal there will be no accountability, no oversight, Donald Trump can kill a live baby on national TV and they will do nothing," Wilson suggested.