'This is insanity!': CNN's Toobin accuses GOPers pushing anti-FBI memo of 'getting their information from tin foil hats'
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin (Screengrab)

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin on Wednesday went all-in against congressional Republicans after FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly criticized a push to release the controversial anti-FBI memo written by staff members for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA).

“Republicans in Congress are getting most of their information from tin foil hats,” Tobin explained. “This is political partisanship dressed up as attacks on the FBI. Let's just pause for a second and ask ourselves: What are the chances that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a nest of liberal activists?”

“Has anyone here been in the United States before?" Toobin continued. "This is the FBI. This is not how the FBI has ever worked! It has been a conservative law enforcement institution. That’s what the FBI was, that’s what the FBI is—this is insanity."

Watch the clip below, via CNN: