Internet gangs up on Tucker Carlson after guest suggests black woman should ‘walk a mile’ in a white woman’s shoes
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (left) and gay conservative journalist Chadwick Moore (right). Image via screengrab.

Amid all the days' insane headlines, a guest on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show Wednesday still managed to shock.

Describing how some people "want to see racism everywhere," gay conservative pundit Chadwick Moore provided an anecdote to illustrate his point.

"I was having a conversation with a young, upper middle class black woman, and she was talking about how badly she gets treated on the street here in New York, and I said to her, 'what if you lived for one day as a white woman and you were treated the exact same way and people were just as rude to you? What then?'" Moore said.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter revolted.

"Tucker Carlson guest literally says he told a black woman who experienced racism that she should walk a mile in a white womans shoes before passing judgement," Media Matters' researcher Andrew Lawrence tweeted with the video. "I just can't."

Others shared Lawrence's shock.

"@Chadwick_Moore said this idiocy with a smile," CNN commentator and former South Carolina state legislator Bakari Sellers tweeted.

"Quite reasonably, you’ll assume that his comments can’t be worse than the chyron, but then you’ll listen to them," The Black List founder Franklin Leonard tweeted, referencing the chyron that touted news of "Major websites attacking white people."

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