Jerusalem expert slams Pence for treating his city like an 'end-of-days Biblical theme park'
Mike Pence (Photo: Screen capture)

Daniel Seidemann, an Israeli attorney who founded the Jerusalem-based NGO Terrestrial Jerusalem, is slamming Vice President Mike Pence for treating his city like an "end-of-days Biblical theme park."

Writing on Twitter, Seidemann points out that Pence did not visit with any members of Jerusalem's Christian community during his trip to the Middle East this week -- and it's primarily because those leaders are Palestinians. This is especially ironic, Seidemann writes, because Pence is widely known for being a devout Christian.

"The most uber-Christian national leader the US has ever known can't get meetings with Holy Land Christians of ANY denomination," he says. "He did not visit...

one Christian site [or] one Muslim site. He saw nothing of Palestinian Jerusalem."

Seidemann -- whose NGO tracks property transactions and developments in Jerusalem to assess their impacts on a future peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians --

then went on to tie Pence's avoidance of meeting Palestinian Christians with the evangelical Christian belief that it is necessary for Israelis to completely retake the city of Jerusalem before Jesus Christ returns to herald the end of the world.

"The Jerusalem that Pence visited does not exist, but rather an 'end-of-days' Biblical theme park version of the city," he explains. "The pageant Jerusalem and the world witnessed during the Pence visit was a meeting between a prominent leader of the 'end-of-days' evangelical cult and its Israeli sister settler cult -- cults that now dominate the governance of their respective countries. That's not Jerusalem."

Read the whole tweet storm below.