‘Like herding cats’: Internet beats up on ex-Trump aide Sam Nunberg for appearing intoxicated during interview
MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid (left) and former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg (right). Images via screengrab.

Though former Donald Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg made some brash confessions during his Friday night interview with MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid, it was his bizarre behavior that got Twitter talking.

Throughout the interview, Nunberg interrupted the host repeatedly, making off-handed comments "informing" her audience that she'd read Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

Even his admissions in general — that the president was a "complete pain in the ass" to work for on the campaign trail and that he only has a "granular" understanding of the Constitution — seemed a bit off.

To some, that appeared to be evidence that he was inebriated.

"Holy Crap," one user tweeted, "how many shots did Sam Nunberg have before he went on All In tonight?"

Another claimed Nunberg was "absolutely drunk," and that the host was "so obviously pissed her guest is loaded!"

Even the host noted that Nunberg appeared to be in "an interesting mood" during their interview.

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