Megyn Kelly: One thing Hillary Clinton never did in 25 years of public life 'was inspire anybody'
Megyn Kelly (NBC/screen grab)

NBC host Megyn Kelly asserted on Tuesday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had never inspired anyone during her 25 years in public life.

In a segment about a possible Oprah Winfrey presidential bid, Kelly asked her panel of guests to look back at Clinton's loss in 2016.

"The black vote did not turn out for Hillary the way that it turned out for Obama," Kelly pointed out.

According to MSNBC analyst Steve Kornaki, Winfrey's ability to deliver an inspiring speech, like she did at the Golden Globe Awards recently, could boost her chances in the next election.

"Think about the 2016 campaign," Kornaki said. "And think about Hillary Clinton's struggles as a candidate. One thing Hillary Clinton never successfully did in 25 years on the public stage was tell a story."

"Was inspire anybody!" Kelly interrupted, finishing Kornaki's sentence.

Kelly went on to compare Winfrey's speaking style to Trump's.

"That's something Trump is very good at doing, separating the wheat from the chaff and going right to his direct message," she opined. "Whether you like the message or not, he knows how to message to people and be heard in a way that was very effective for him."

Watch the video below from NBC.