Montecito man barely escapes being swept away in mud slide -- and it's all caught on video
California mud slide (Photo: Leah Pezzetti/Twitter)

One man was narrowly spared by the mud slides that have made Montecito, California a treacherous area this week.

According to Fox 40, Marco Farrell was caught on a cell phone video as he was trying to save his parents from the impending danger of the predicted slides.

He was waving another driver away when the flood moved in right behind him.

“Turn around! The flash flood’s right there! The flash flood’s right there! Get out of here, go!” he was yelling to people. The flood water, mud and debris quickly advanced toward other cars as Ferrell cried out. "Oh my god! Mom!"

The video ended as Farrell ran back into the house and tried to get his mother to wake his father.

The death toll from the mud slides is at 15 people as of Wednesday and search efforts are ongoing. More than 20 people are reported missing.

Watch the horrifying videos below:

Here are some photos of the mud slides that hit the city: