MSNBC pours cold water on White House doctor's assessment by comparing Trump to NFL football players
Minnesota Vikings running back Latavius Murray and President Donald Trump, composite image.

Following President Donald Trump's medical evaluation, MSNBC speculated on the "girtherism" movement doubting the official height and weight numbers given by the White House.

"I'm obsessed with President Trump's honesty," Chuck Todd admitted. "Mr. Trump admits he engages in what he calls truthful hyperbole."

"But it's not just the things he said, it's about the things others say for and about him," Todd noted.

"Today, President Trump's doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson, told us the president is six feet three inches and 239 lbs," Todd reported.

Todd then proceeded to compare Trump's height and weight to current NFL players.

"But, was this a bit of truthful hyperbole?" Todd asked.

"Or, if you doubt Dr. Jackson's height/weight numbers, MSNBC's Chris Hayes suggests that perhaps, you're a girther," Todd concluded.