‘Nazi is your first language’: Alyssa Milano smacks down former Trump aide over the GOP's immigration policy
Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), Alyssa Milano, and Louise Jones on the campaign trail during the Alabama special election

Noted actress Alyssa Milano embarrassed former White House advisor Seb Gorka in front of her 3.4 million Twitter followers by posting a scathing response on the social media platform.

It started with a Martin Luther King Jr. Day tribute by Milano, mentioning "this president in all his racist horror."

Gorka replied that Trump has "already done more for Americans - Black, White and all colors in between- that (sic) you EVER will."

Milano replied with a devastating insult.

This was not Milano's first encounter with former Trump advisor.

In August, Milano demanded the White House fire Gorka.

Gorka resigned from the White House one week later.