Neo-Nazi back in jail after stabbing person at Oregon birthday party while on probation for synagogue attack
Euguene, OR Neo-Nazi Jacob Laskey. Image via Facebook.

A white supremacist in Eugene, Oregon known to police for attacking a synagogue in 2002 has been arrested on assault and weapons charges.

As Eugene Weekly reported, 37-year-old Jacob Laskey was on probation following his 11-year sentence for the 2002 hate crime when he was arrested on January 20.

The Weekly's sources alleged Laskey stabbed someone at a birthday party Friday night, leading to his arrest on charges of "second-degree assault, menacing, unlawful use of a weapon and second-degree criminal trespassing."

In the past year, Laskey's profile in the region has grown alongside that of Pacific Northwest antifascists, whom he has gone on a crusade against. He reportedly burned "hundreds" of copies of Eugene Weekly in protest of their portrayal of him and his "anti-antifa" push. He's also been associated with "a resurgence in racist activity" in the area.