Ohio ex-police chief ousted for racism charged in misconduct investigation: report
Former Akron Police Chief James Nice (screengrab)

James Nice, the former chief of the Akron Police Department, was indicted Friday as part of an ongoing misconduct investigation, News 5 Cleveland reports.

In August, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan demanded Chief Nice's resignation after learning of "evidence of conduct unbecoming of an officer, inappropriate contact with a city employee and potential criminal misconduct."

"All of us who serve the public must be held and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. It is clear to me that in this instance Jim Nice's conduct violated that standard," Horrigan said.

In September, the Akron Beacon Journal told the story of Chief Nice's scandal, suggesting it only came to light because his nephew James Nice went to rehab for drug addiction.

On August 25, then Deputy Police Chief Ken Ball, who has since taken over the department, received an alarming report, that Joe Nice “was prepared to bring devastating information about his uncle."

Joe Nice claimed to have a videotape of Chief Nice using the n-word and also reported his uncle was having an affair with a subordinate officer. Chief Nice has been accused of "coercing" the female officer into a relationship.

Ball confronted Chief Nice the very night he learned of the allegations.

“There was an admission,” Ball claimed.

News 5 Cleveland also reported there are rumors of audio recordings which may substantiate the allegations, something the city of Akron refused to confirm or deny.