OOPS! Stephen Colbert just nailed Donald Trump's critical error in his attempted takedown of Steve Bannon
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

In an attempt at a takedown of Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump accused the former White House senior aide of both violating their non-disclosure agreement and also lying.

"Well, which is it?" Stephen Colbert said during "The Late Show" Thursday. "Is he lying or is he disclosing confidential information?"

Colbert broke into his Trump impression, saying, "Steve, you promised you'd never tell anyone about those terrible things you saw me not do. Remember?"

Bannon has been quickly losing friends. Colbert noted that he's losing his billionaire funders, who are taking Trump's side. Ivanka took the "Mean Girls" route and unfollowed him on Twitter. The alt-right is even turning against Bannon, which Colbert said you could tell because they were covering their faces with hoods.

"Yeah, they don't want to be seen. Yeah, they just walk around in the dark with torches," he continued.

When discussing the recent book from Michael Wolff, "Fire and Fury," Colbert cited a revelation that Trump and his wife Melania have separate bedrooms, which hasn't been done since John F. Kennedy was in office.

"Which means Trump has had about as much sex as JFK has in the last year," Colbert joked. Trump wasn't having any affairs, because the book revealed that if he wasn't having dinner with Steve Bannon, Trump was in bed by 6:30 p.m. with a cheeseburger.

"I'm going to hope, eating it?" Colbert said.

While addressing Trump's appearance on two screens in the White House briefing room while being just 50 feet down the hall, Colbert said he was simply "dizzy from the stupid." He noted it was bad enough they had to watch Trump on TV, "now we have to watch him on TV on TVs!"

Unfortunately, appearing on two screens lends itself to creative editing. Colbert did his own version of the press briefing with his own speeches from Trump.

Check it out below: