‘Purposefully misleading people’: Huckabee Sanders ‘tells’ Seth Meyers her 'favorite part' of being press secretary
Seth Meyers and Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screengrab / Composite)

In a hilarious segment purporting to show “Late Night” host Seth Meyers as a member of the “Late Night White House press corps,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders explains her favorite part of the job, namely, “purposefully misleading the American people.”

The clip, entitled “Late Night White House Press Briefing,” features Meyers lobbing questions at Huckabee Sanders that your average White House reporter may not get around to asking.

“Why have Donald and Melania [Trump] looked so unhappy since the election,” Meyers asks in the briefing.

“They didn’t want to win,” Huckabee Sanders “replies.”

“What to Eric and Don Jr. do at the White House?” Meyers wonders.

“Repeatedly beg from money,” the press secretary “explains.”

“It’s been reported that the president eats a lot of McDonalds,” Meyers continues. “If true, he must leave behind a pretty devastating fart cloud.”

“I’ve walked through that a couple of times now,” Huckabee Sanders “admits.”

“My sympathies,” Meyers jokes.

Watch the segment below, via NBC: