'It's too quiet': Ex-prosecutor tells Fox News 'slighted' former Trump officials may be cooperating with Mueller
Former federal prosecutor Bob Bianchi on Fox News (Screen capture)

Former federal prosecutor Bob Bianchi told Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on Thursday that there may be more ex-White House officials who are cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of President Donald Trump.

Smith pointed to reports from Bloomberg News that Mueller is winding up the obstruction of justice portion of his investigation.

Bianchi said that every time the president speaks off-the-cuff about the Mueller probe, he's "putting himself deeper into the investigation."

"'Fighting back' could be considered a corrupt purpose under the statute and that could fulfill an obstruction charge," said Bianchi, calling it "very reckless" that Trump intends to speak to investigators face to face.

"Who are the wild cards?" asked Smith, pointing to cooperation by ousted national security adviser Mike Flynn.

"Watch Reince Priebus," said Bianchi. "It's too quiet. Everything's a little too quiet out there. They are speaking to people who were in the know, they're speaking to people who may have jeopardy or people that may be jilted."

"We know about Manafort and there are others," said Smith. "Steve Bannon."

"You always go for the person that feels that they've been slighted," Bianchi said.

Watch the video, embedded below: