Republican ex-FBI agent: Flynn likely gave Mueller the intel that he'll use to grill Trump
Special counsel Robert Mueller (left), President Donald Trump (middle) and ex-White House adviser Mike Flynn (right).

A former congressman and FBI agent said special counsel Robert Mueller is likely to use information gleaned from his interview with former White House aide Mike Flynn when interviewing President Donald Trump.

Reacting to news that Mueller is gearing up to interview Trump, former Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) told CNN's Jake Tapper that intel from Flynn's interviews aren't likely to be part of the obstruction probe.

"That cooperation that Flynn has been giving to the special counsel likely netted some information of which they have a line of questioning to get answered," Rogers said. "It could be about the Russia probe, it could be about activities in the White House — you don't know what that level of questioning to get down to."

Rogers went on to say that while news of Mueller seeking an interview with Trump signals that he's starting to "wrap up" the interview portion of his investigation, "it doesn't mean that it's over."

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