’See what I’m pointing at?’: The Chris Cuomo question that destroyed Lewandowski’s defense of Trump’s racism
Chris Cuomo and Corey Lewandowski (Photo: Screen capture)

Chris Cuomo, anchoring CNN prime time, hosted a combative interview with former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski was asked to defend Trump's 'sh*thole' comments, which have been largely criticized as racist.

"Nobody called Barack Obama a racist," Lewandowski claimed.

Lewandowski then tried to distract Cuomo's audience by saying the backlash against the president was about his profanity, not his racism.

"It was the analogy, okay? "It was, I don't want brown people here, why do we have to have all these brown people, why can't we have more people from Norway?" Cuomo noted.

"I want this, do you see what I'm pointing at? I'm pointing at my heart, I want heart," Cuomo noted. "You want people who come here with the love in their heart for this country and for opportunity."