‘Shows his corrupt motives’: Harvard law professor says what Mueller knows about Trump is 'incredibly important’
Constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe.

Harvard Law School professor of constitutional law Laurence Tribe explained that the time-line of President Donald Trump reportedly trying to fire special counsel Robert Mueller demonstrates his corrupt motives in attempting to obstruct the investigation.

"Your view as a legal matter of what this new information about this attempt to order the firing of Bob Mueller means to this investigation," MSNBC's Ari Melber asked.

"I think this means a great deal," Professor Tribe responded.

"Before we learned that in June, the president had actually ordered the firing of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, we knew a great deal already," Prof. Tribe explained. "We knew all kinds of things about the president, but all of them were a bit ambiguous. Maybe he simply didn't know the rules of the game, he didn't know the ropes yet, he was clueless."

"But now we know that after a conversation with Don McGahn, his White House counsel, who must have warned him of how serious a problem he would be in if he had another Saturday Night Massacre of the kind that Nixon had," he continued.

"After being warned, he was still so determined to prevent the probe into the Russia thing, into the way Russia played a role in our election, that he ordered McGahn to fire special counsel," he said.

"It shows a great deal about his corrupt motives and eliminates the possibility of any defense that he was simply a novice at the political game and he didn't know what he was doing, it eliminates all that, that but for McGahn's threat to resign, he would have carried this out," Tribe continued.