'Step 1 -- Hold his hand': Daily Show creates a hilarious guide for interviewing Trump like Fox News hosts
Donald Trump speaks to Sean Hannity during a Fox News town hall on Aug. 17, 2016. (YouTube)

"The Daily Show" on Friday posted a hilarious thread on Twitter in which it gave a step-by-step guide for interviewing President Donald Trump like Fox News hosts.

The first step in the process, writes "The Daily Show" is to take a "soft approach" to interviewing him, as a Fox reporter's primary task is to "hold his hand." To bolster this point, it shows a video of assorted Fox hosts asking Trump questions such as, "Are you getting the credit for this economic revival?", "Are you having fun?" and "You're one of the most loved and respected in history -- how does that feel?"

Step 2 is all about flattering Trump, which will instantly get him to like you. This is then illustrated by a video of Fox hosts blatantly buttering up Trump on their programs, including a clip in which the cast of "Fox & Friends" praise Trump for building a "beautiful" hotel.

Finally, "The Daily Show" recommends helping Trump come up with answers if he seems stumped about answering questions, as illustrated by a video of Fox hosts feeding the president answers shortly after they ask him questions.

To put it all together, "The Daily Show's" Desi Lydic goes through a full fake interview with Trump using all the techniques she learned in the guide -- check it out below.