Stephen Colbert celebrates Anthony Scaramucci's potential 'front-stabbing world tour' reunion at the White House
Stephen Colbert confronts Anthony Scaramucci (Screengrab)

It's well-known that The Late Show's Stephen Colbert yearns for the 11-day reign of erstwhile White House press secretary Anthony Scaramucci. So when news broke that "The Mooch" has been bragging about a possible return to the Trump administration, he was the first to celebrate.

"Oh, please come back!" the host said, mimicking a child on Christmas.

However, the braggadocious Mooch might have jumped the gun.

"It may not happen because, rumor has it, last year when The Mooch was on his front-stabbing world tour, the president earnestly asked people in the White House: 'Is he on drugs?'" Colbert noted.

Naturally, he had "a follow-up question: did he bring enough for the whole country?"

"I could use a little something to take the edge off for the next three years," Colbert concluded.

Watch below: