Stephen Colbert teases that he knows what Trump's really up to during his 'executive time'
CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert -- (CBS screen grab)

It may be the end of the average American's work week, but as The Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted Friday night, "Donald Trump's work week never really begins."

Responding to an Axios report that details the president's light weekly schedule, the host pointed out that the president's work day, which runs from 11 AM to 4 PM, "is not even full time."

"Personally, I think the president of the United States should work at least as many hours as a 15-year-old saving up for an Xbox," Colbert quipped.

"What does Trump do after he's rolled into work at the crack of noon?" he wondered aloud, then cited the report, which shows that the president spends ample "executive time" in his private residence, mostly watching TV and tweeting.

"Come on, we're all adults," Colbert joked. "Just say 'pooping.'"

Watch below: