'That's un-American': CNN pundit lays waste to Trump surrogate who says Trump must end birthright citizenship
Maria Cardona, Victor Blackwell and Jack Kingston appear on CNN

CNN contributor Maria Cardona called out Trump surrogate Jack Kingston on Sunday after he suggested that Republicans should threaten to end birthright citizenship if Democrats do not agree to President Donald Trump's border wall.

During a discussion on CNN about a possible immigration deal between Democrats and Republicans, Kingston argued that President Trump should get tough in negotiations.

"Issues related to immigration such as birthright citizenship, ending chain migration -- or birthright citizenship -- or requiring E-verify, those are all good bargaining tools," Kingston opined, ignoring the fact that birthright citizenship is granted in the U.S. Constitution, not U.S. law.

In a segment later in the morning, Cardona slammed Kingston's suggestion that children born in the United States should not be entitled to citizenship.

"There's a lot of areas in which you could negotiate," Kingston opined to Cardona. "E-verify at the workplace, for example, which draws up the job magnet; birthright citizenship, which most countries have moved away from."

"That's ridiculous!" Cardona interrupted.

"Don't interrupt," Kinston demanded.

"That is un-American," Cardona shot back, undeterred. "Jack, you brought up something that the president hasn't even brought up. So, I hope that you're not becoming more anti-immigrant than the president. You brought up birthright citizenship. Oh, my goodness! That is a complete non-starter. And it's not even something that the president has brought up."

"This, to me, shows the American people just how extremist the Republicans are becoming," she added. "And that is a dangerous position to be in going into 2018."

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