'This ain't Lost': Kate McKinnon is mind-blowing as Robert Mueller on SNL
SNL's Kate McKinnon as special counsel Robert Mueller on "Weekend Update" (Screen capture)

On this week's edition of "Weekend Update" on "Saturday Night Live," Kate McKinnon did a mind-blowing, gender-bending turn as special counsel Robert Mueller.

Introduced by anchor Colin Jost, McKinnon chewed a toothpick and mugged for the camera like a G-man from a 1940s gangster film.

"Thank you, Colin, it's an honor to be here," McKinnon as Mueller said. "I just wanted to assure the American people that our investigation is progressing smoothly. We're looking forward to a timely and orderly conclusion."

He went on to imply a number of things without ever coming out and confirming a single detail.

"I wanna tell ya so bad, but I can't," Mueller said. "I'm having a blast, man."

"You know how you loved the show 'Lost,' but it never really came together," he said. "There was no satisfying ending."

"This ain't 'Lost,'" he quipped.

Watch the video, embedded below: