'This is not America!': Ana Navarro rakes 'shameless racist' Trump across the coals for 'sh*thole' comment:
Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican commentator Ana Navarro yelled into CNN cameras Thursday as she railed against President Donald Trump's racist comments about not wanting "people from sh*thole countries" like Haiti and African countries.

"This is not an isolated comment," Navarro said. "The first thing [Trump] did when he started running was call Mexicans rapists. He has gone on to equate white supremacists in Charlottesville to the people protesting against them. He has called black athletes 'sons of b*tches,' he has feuded with the congresswoman that represents Little Haiti, Frederica Wilson. Last year, at this time, he was feuding with civil rights icon John Lewis."

"This is not a coincidence," she continued, "this is a pattern of behavior. We have a racist, a shameless racist who has hijacked the Republican Party, who has hijacked the Oval Office."

Continuing to raise her voice, Navarro charged her fellow Americans with the need "to stand up against this and tell him that we will not let him divide us by color, by race, by ethnicity, by class, by economy, we will not be quiet, we will not allow this."

"Donald Trump, this is not America, this is not American," she said. "We will fight against your division, your racism, your anger, your hatred and all the horrible things you are trying to do to this country."

Watch below, via CNN: