'This is straight up racist': CNN panel crushes Trump on 'sh*tholes' remark
CNN panelists discussing President Donald Trump calling Haiti and African countries "sh*tholes." Image via screengrab.

During a panel interview on CNN, The Daily Beast's editor-in-chief John Avalon noted that President Donald Trump's comment calling African countries and Haiti "sh*tholes" went beyond merely "not presidential."

"This is beyond unbefitting of the presidency, which it is. This is beyond not presidential, this is beyond 'oh, the big tent Republican party dream has died,'" Avalon said. "This is straight up racist."

Though Republicans claim "the left is always quick the play the race card," Trump's reported comments, which were corroborated to The Washington Post by two people briefed on the meeting, refute that.

"He referred to immigrants and people who've gotten asylum here from El Salvador, Haiti and African countries as living in sh*tholes, and that we need more people from Norway instead," he continued. "I wonder what the real difference is: yeah, wealth, but also whiteness. That's an ugly underbelly that's been exposed and we need to confront it."

Watch below, via CNN.